The Small Business Dispatch – 4/4/12

I post the Small Business Dispatch daily, rounding up articles focused on or applicable to small business. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on all of the latest small business news, tips, and tricks. Today’s topics include: Creative QR Use, Starting a Business in the Recession, 2012 Social Media Marketing, Why Timeline Will Boost Your Business, and Self Publishing a Book.

QR Codes – 21 Ways to Use Them to Build Your Business | Don Crowther
This article is both fun and useful. As a designer, I’m very familiar with the QR code, but I was still impressed with Crowther’s suggestions. My favorites were putting one on your on your resume (redirects to website/LinkedIn account), take out menus (calls restaurant to place order),  price tags (redirects to a webpage with specs about the item), and location logins (Foursquare, Facebook, etc).
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The Recession is a Great Time to Start a Business at Money Ning | Thursday Bram
Think that the recession is only a time to focus on keeping your full-time job? Thursday Bram would disagree with you. In his article he lists several reasons why now is the best time to get started with your small business. Bram explains that the uncomfortable situation we are all in right now is the perfect motivation to begin your new business, “When we’re comfortable, it’s often difficult to ramp up a business to something that will actually pay a living wage.” Other reasons include better deals on start-up costs, and setting up a budget on low funds, which puts you in a great position when the economy turns back around and things are more lucrative.
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2012 Social Media Marketing Report at Social Media Examiner | Michael Stelzner
94% of businesses use social media for marketing purposes, and 83% of marketers believed that social media is important to their business. Are you still having trouble believing it’s not a fad? This article allows free direct access (hurry, only until April 19th) to a pdf download reporting on social media in 2012.
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Why Facebook Timeline Will Boost Your Business at smedio | Douglas Idugboe
Is anyone else really digging the Facebook timeline? After all of the fuss the conversion caused, turns out I actually like it. Douglas Idugboe highlights 5 reasons he thinks the timeline will actually increase your business.  He argues that the new layout is simply more fun to look at, easier to navigate, easier to become engaged with, and makes it easier to find important content. Idugboe explains the biggest reason the change is good for business that the new layout is tailor-made for promotion.
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Self Publishing Could be Your Best Bet at the Sydney Morning Herald 
Alexandra Cain
This is another article on the “new rules” content. Several years ago, self publishing would have been frowned upon. However, these days it seems to be quite common, and a great way to establish your reputation as an expert in your field. Cain tells the stories of several authors who have had great success self publishing books. Some were published online, others were actually printed. Why can’t you do the same thing with your business?
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That’s all for today. As always, shoot me an email with any interesting articles or questions you might have.


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Anna is the Owner of Creative80 Design Studios, a full service agency specializing in identity development, print creation, and web design. Anna is a self diagnosed idea addict and small business advocate. She also enjoys baseball, reading, and playing the guitar.

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