The Small Business Dispatch – 4/6/12

I post the Small Business Dispatch daily, rounding up articles focused on or applicable to small business. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on all of the latest small business news, tips, and tricks. Today’s topics include: How to get your email opened, engaging users on twitter, ways to make your content go viral, and MLB’s opening day social success.  

3 Things I Learned About Email This Past Week | Jill Konrath
In this article, Jill Konrath shares some tips on how to get emails opened. Konrath often sends emails to her mailing list, but had a greater response rate than normal when she sent an email last week. Here are the things she says matter: Subject lines: actually put some thought into these, more often than not, we add the subject line right before we send the email. This should be crafted to peak interest and curiosity. Be concise, people get so much email that they fail to read every word. Make sure your reader’s email systems will not mark your messages as spam. There are several ways to do this, including asking your readers to include your address in their address book.
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Five Awesome Ways to Engage Customers on Twitter at Mashwork | Jeff W
Social media is all about conversation. Again, we’re not trying to beat our customers over the head with our products or services. We want to develop our reputation as a reliable source of information and make customers feel like they’re being heard. Ways to do this? Seek out influential users. Users who love your product or service will generally post about it if given the chance. One way to give them this chance is to ask open ended questions. Use the search engine, a ridiculously powerful tool. The best thing about Twitter is that it’s an open conversation, you’re allowed to search for topics and jump in at any point. Keep users engaged with deals and giveaways, as well as photos and videos. People want to be entertained and feel important. Make them feel as if they are an important part of the conversation…because they are.
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Six Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral at Entrepreneur | AJ Kumar
Since a very small percentage of content produced on the internet actually makes it to the viral level, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact formula. However, in this article, AJ Kumar offers a few things that recent viral content seemed to have in common. Perhaps my favorite is to “be absurd.” It makes perfect sense when you consider the examples Kumar gives such as Marcel the Shell and the Honey Badger. Of course there are things on the list that sound a little more conservative like “offer outstanding value.”
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Major League Baseball Uncorks a Social Media Homer at Mashable | Sam Laird
The MLB social media campaign seems to have gotten into fantastic shape this offseason. I can’t help but think that MLB has been focusing on opening day social media since the day after game seven of the world series last Fall. Opening day was a fantastic success, as MLB created the #MLBTVme hashtag that appeared more than 57,000 times. MLB hired on “real-time correspondents” for each stadium who will update social media from the ball park. These social media correspondents will also be walking around ball parks interviewing fans, shooting pictures, and posting videos. What’s the goal? Make baseball social again. Personally, I can’t wait to see how successful this campaign will be.


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That’s all for today. I’ll be back Monday with another dispatch. As always, if you see or want to share something with the small business dispatch, shoot me an email.
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Anna is the Owner of Creative80 Design Studios, a full service agency specializing in identity development, print creation, and web design. Anna is a self diagnosed idea addict and small business advocate. She also enjoys baseball, reading, and playing the guitar.

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