The Small Business Dispatch – 4/9/12

I post the Small Business Dispatch daily, rounding up articles focused on or applicable to small business. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on all of the latest small business news, tips, and tricks. Today’s topics include: Growing Your Business on a Budget, Telling Better Stories, and the Social Media Bubble.

3 Ways to Grow You Business on a Budget at Inc | Vanessa Merit Nornberg
This  article offers up some creative ways to advance a business without spending much money. Nornberg offers that small businesses should seek out partnerships, usually purchase smaller ads (pay less money for smaller ads in order to be able to advertise more often), and offer cash incentives for referrals.
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Fix Your Story Telling at Inc | Tom Searcy
The narrative is the most effective way to get a point across. Why? Because it must be entertaining in order to have a chance of achieving its goal. Searcy gives three key points of advice on how to tell a more effective sales story. The most important piece of advice in the article is that you must develop characters that are believable and worth caring about.
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2012 – The Year Social Media Bubble Will Eventually Burst | Douglas Idugboe
Everyone has their own theories about whether or not social media will stick around for very long. Idugboe argues that social media is the first of its kind and therefore cannot be fairly compared to anything else, including the dotcom bubble. Perhaps the most interesting piece of information in this article is the amount of time it took different forms of media to reach the 50million user mark: Radio – 38 years, TV – 18 years, Internet – 4 years, Facebook – 6 months. Social media continues to grow and businesses are finding more and more ways to stay active within it. Perhaps there is a social media bubble, but it appears to be quite a ways off.
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That’s all for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another dispatch. As always, shoot me an email with any interesting stories or suggestions.

Written by Anna DiTommaso (70 Posts)

Anna is the Owner of Creative80 Design Studios, a full service agency specializing in identity development, print creation, and web design. Anna is a self diagnosed idea addict and small business advocate. She also enjoys baseball, reading, and playing the guitar.

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