The Small Business Dispatch – 4/27/12

I post the Small Business Dispatch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, rounding up articles focused on or applicable to small business. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on all of the latest small business news, tips, and tricks. Today’s topics include: Networking Farmers vs. Hunters, Actionable Email Tips, and Avoiding Vague Content.

When It Comes to Networking, Farmers Will Always Beat Hunters
at Entrepreneur | Ivan Misner
Have you ever been approached at a networking event by someone trying to pitch you some business? It seems a bit premature, doesn’t it? The way I see it, networking is all about creating relationships and helping each other out, not trying to get something out of someone else. Ivan Misner would agree. His argument is that networkers who “farm and cultivate” relationships will always be much more successful than those who “hunt” potential business deals. I have to agree.
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Email Tips: Five Ways to Get Action at Inc. | Geoffrey James
We know that the majority of people prefer to get content delivered straight to their email inboxes. It’s convenient and lets them do things on their own time. However, emails are often ignored or fail to drive the desired action. Geoffrey James shares his list of five tips to get your emails opened, and acted upon. Some of the not so obvious tips? Frame the product or solution in a timely manner, build the pitch around something relevant to the reader’s current situation. Reduce or eliminate the downside or the risk. And ask for and provide the next step. Sometimes people don’t take action because they simply don’t know what action to take.
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Do Not Vague Up Your Content | David Meerman Scott
A short and sweet reminder from the king of the New Rules. Scott is known for protesting corporate “gobbledygook” which sounds nice but really says nothing. This post is an argument in the same direction, encouraging business bloggers to be authentic and true. A reader can go to any number of sites and find bland, corporate sounding content that truly has no value. Scott advocates for a different type of sincere and more interesting blogger.
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That’s all for today. Remember that starting this week, the Dispatch will only be posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Written by Anna DiTommaso (70 Posts)

Anna is the Owner of Creative80 Design Studios, a full service agency specializing in identity development, print creation, and web design. Anna is a self diagnosed idea addict and small business advocate. She also enjoys baseball, reading, and playing the guitar.

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